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Frequently Asked Questions
Which cars will these ball joints fit

These fit ALL Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000gt model original lower control arms.

What method of shipping do we use? We use the US postal service for 99% of our shipping. If you desire a different method you must ask us for availability first. We charge extra for priority mail. The postal service claims 2 - 3 day delivery time within the US.

Delivery Time
When will my boot be shipped? We ship about 98% of our orders within 24 hours during the work week. However we can take up to 3 business days on rare occasions. We will notify you by email when the item ships.
Payment Methods
How can I pay for my order. At the present time we are only accepting payments using Pay Pal. The Pay Pal shopping cart button is located near each item. Simply click the button to add the item to the shopping cart and pay using a credit card or e-check.
Why are there so many different prices? We offer boots made from several different materials, Italian leather, vinyl, or simulated carbon fiber and other options. Such as whether the boot is top stitched or not. We do not charge extra to change the color of the thread used to top stitch the boot.
What is the difference between the materials you use to make the boots? Leather is a long lasting material made from animal hides. It is dyed to the desired color. It also has a natural grain and texture. It's useful life can be extended by periodic treatment with conditioners. Vinyl is a man made material with a cloth or plastic net type backing. It is generally durable and long lasting. However exposure to extremes of heat or cold can cause it to not last as long as leather. It also has different textures available, is available in many more colors than leather, and is less expensive. Simulated carbon fiber is actually an embossed vinyl. It has a deep texture pressed into the vinyl when it is made, giving it a unique look. It will last like vinyl and is available in many colors.
Top stitching
What is the difference between top stitched or not top stitched? Top stitching is a sewing term used to describe the extra stitching on either side of the seam which helps the boot to lay better and gives the boot a more professional finished look. For a comparison click here.
Universal fit
Will your boots fit my car? We make our boots in the same size and shape as the OEM boots to fit each car just like the original. We do not make "universal" boots.
All our shift boots are individually made and come with a 2 year limited warranty